Happy birthday.... Bonne Fête Canada!

Antoniette Palumbo

Monday, June 26, 2017

The staff of Salt + Light Media come from 14 different countries. This summer, for Canada's 150th anniversary, we are reflecting on what makes Canada so special to each of us? Here Antoinette Palumbo, a marketing campaigns manager reflects on what being Canadian means to her.
How blessed are we to live in this beautiful country- a country that teaches us to respect people of all cultures and all faiths, that recognizes diversity as our strength. Yes, Canada - we are the peacemakers!
I am so very proud of being a Canadian and so is my sister Grace. This is why she and her friend wrote and produced this awesome song and video to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. I think it really captures who we are and, frankly, makes me burst with pride each time I listen to it. Thanks Grace Ursi (my sister) and her friend (Lauren Eyton-Jones)!
Have a listen:

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