Good Friday in Cuba

Alicia Ambrosio

Monday, April 2, 2012

During his visit to Cuba last week Pope Benedict XVI met with Cuban President Raul Castro. During that visit the Holy Father made one request: that Good Friday be considered a public holiday in that country.
A communique from Cuba's state-run news service Granma published on Saturday, said Raul Castro had informed Pope Benedict his request would be granted.
According to the communique, Good Friday will be a public holiday this year in commemoration of the pope's visit. The Cuban government would decide in parliament if the holiday would be a permanent addition to the country's list of public holidays.
During his 1998 visit to the island nation Blessed Pope John Paul II asked then-president Fidel Castro to make Christmas Day a public holiday. That request was also granted and Cubans now have a day off on December 25.

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