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David Naglieri

Friday, June 1, 2007

Eye on the ChurchThis Sunday, June 3rd at 9:00 pm ET Salt and Light unveils our newest show "Eye on the Church." You can read more about it here. The first episode in this investigative series is "Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust."
One scripture passage that has always inspired me was Christ's words in the Gospel of John, "And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." The search for that truth lies at the heart of "Eye on the Church." In today's society there are many lies that circulate about the Catholic faith. One of the most blatant lies concerns the reputation and action of Pope Pius XII during the Nazi Holocaust. While there is a popular myth that Pope Pope Pius was "silent" in the face of the Nazi atrocities more recent historical scholarship, and the weight of testimony, tells a different story. Thousands of Jews were hidden away in monasteries, offered false baptismal certificates and provided transport out of Europe through the intercession of "Papa Pacelli."
I encourage you to watch "Eye on the Church" this Sunday and to learn more about another great Pope of the 20th century, a spiritual leader who was also a great statesman, and of whom the New York Times would write during the height of the Second World War:
The voice of Pius XII is a lonely voice in the silence and darkness enveloping Europe this Christmas... he is about the only ruler left on the Continent of Europe who dares to raise his voice at all... the Pope put himself squarely against Hitlerism... he left no doubt that the Nazi aims are also irreconcilable with his own conception of a Christian peace.
"Eye on the Church" debuts this Sunday at 9:00pm ET, with a repeat at 1:00am ET.

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