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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vatican and WYD launch an invitation system to get people to the event
If the success of recent new social media networks is any indication, there is nothing more powerful than receiving an invitation to use a new product or attend an event. The Vatican figured that out, too. Pope2You website
Through the Vatican's social media website Pope2You.net, pilgrims can publicly invite their friends to World Youth Day. The Pope2You website has a series of e-postcards that can be sent to friend's e-mail addresses or, to make more of a splash, invitations can be sent directly to friends' Facebook, Linkedin, and Google buzz accounts. One can also get the invitation out as a Twitter “tweet”.
If friends don't or can't take up the invitation to come to Madrid, they can follow the events via a livestream that will be provided on the site, and read the Holy Father's messages to youth which can be accessed through Pope2You.
The site is also preparing a feature called Book of Faces, to be launched just a few days before the start of WYD.  Pilgrims will be able to send photos of themselves in Madrid to Pope2You. As well, staff from the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Social Communication will be present in Madrid, taking photos of the events and pilgrims. Those photos will be used to make up the background image on the Pope2You website.

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