Do you have to attend WYD in order to have a 'WYD experience'?

Cheridan Sanders

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Do you have to attend World Youth Day in order to have a 'World Youth Day experience'? That's the question Pedro Guevara-Mann is asking on Perspectives Weekly. Joining him for this discussion are Father Chris Valka, CSB and S+L Associate Producers Andrew Santos and Cheridan Eygelaar. Having recently returned from Madrid -- the site of this year's international celebration of World Youth Day -- the S+L team give their take on the question.
On S+L's Facebook page, it was suggested that the presence of the Holy Father defines the WYD experience. But is there more? Pedro aims to find out.
Andrew Santos was among the thousands of youth who traveled to Madrid only to be turned away from the site of the Vigil and the Closing Mass. How would you feel about your World Youth Day experience if you didn't get to get participate in the Vigil or the Closing Mass?
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