Catholic School Sex-Ed

Kris Dmytrenko

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What do you complain about over coffee after Mass? While we try to be positive people, let’s humbly admit that we bemoan familiar topics again and again. Sometimes it’s a closing hymn we find atrocious. Often it’s the state of the parish hall coffee itself. (The very term “church coffee” now connotes watery flavourlessness more than it does brewing location.)
One frequent, but undeserved, target of "Negative Nancy" (this applies to both genders) is Catholic schools. Yeah, we’re grateful for our Catholic public schools in Ontario. But then we circulate wild stories of Catholic sex-ed classes that neglect chastity. Imagine!
In researching for a Catholic Focus (tentatively set to air March 30th), I set out to learn if the stories were true. What I discovered was that, if they were, they certainly did not represent the norm. The Catholic public school curriculum, it turns out, is authentically, unapologetically Catholic, yet never naïve about the dangerous lifestyles teenagers are engaged in. I'll tell you more about this good-news story in another blog posting next week. We can then chat about it. Over lukewarm coffee-water.

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