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Catholic Focus: Singing for Life

Deacon Pedro

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One of my joys of working at S+L is the concerts we get to film and meeting all the wonderful artists who dedicate their wonderful talent to greater service and praise of God.
Last February we were at St. Anne’s in Brampton for a concert, "Celebrate Life". In the words of the artist:
An acknowledgment that Jesus Christ is the source of my life not just here on earth but in my eternal life to come. A sharing of the many gifts God has blessed us with that keeps us out of darkness and in the light. It is up to us to choose life or death.
The author of those words and the artist behind the concert is singer/songwriter/author and speaker Lorraine Hartsook.
Lorraine was in Brampton, Ontario because she was part of a pilgrimage to the Holy Land organised by Deacon Carlos Nogueira and that’s where S+L caught up with her. (In Brampton, not the Holy Land – I wish!)
I won’t say too, too much, except that just like many of us Lorraine, at a young age, dreamed of falling in love, getting married and having a large family (12 children actually). But that’s not what happened. She did fall in love and got married (to her husband Larry), but found out that she could not have any children. What followed was a long journey of illness, doctors, medications, suffering and trust. Lorraine and I spoke about all of this and about her experiences with miscarriage and adoption. That conversation will be on tonight's Catholic Focus episode “Singing for Life”. Lorraine’s experiences offer much hope to anyone, but especially to those of you who may be struggling with difficult pregnancies, with illness and with all the stages of adoption.
Catholic Focus: Singing for Life airs Wednesday, April 1st at 7pm and 11pm ET, with an encore presentation on Sunday, April 5th.
For another conversation with Lorraine, you can visit our S+L Radio archive and listen to the March 7, 2009 program.

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