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ADELAIDE: Day 6 — Left Behind AGAIN

Mary Rose Bacani Valenti

Sunday, July 27, 2008

For part two of our two-part series called “Left Behind”, we had a chance to catch up one more time with Mr. Richard Valenti, Editor/Cameraman at Salt + Light Television.
sat-collage.jpgQ: Mr. Valenti, did we not wish you a safe trip to Toronto on FRIDAY? Why are you still here?
Mr. Valenti: Well, apparently, we were put on standby for today. And God decided that he was going to give us one more chance to see a little bit more of Sydney by making it so that there were no available seats on the plane. After some wheeling and dealing with Air Canada staff, we were able to CONFIRM seats for Sunday morning. We then contacted Fr. Stefano, who was still back in the hotel since he was flying back to Rome separately. Fr. Stefano was excited to know we were left behind again and told me that he had a whole program planned for us today.
Q: What did you end up doing then?
Mr. Valenti: When we got back to the hotel, we hopped into a cab with Fr. Stefano, and we got into a ferry to a place called Manly. We ended up having lunch at the beach there, had a walk, and then headed back to the ferry, to get back to Sydney Harbour. We went to themr-satcollage.jpg Opera House, the Royal Botanic Gardens, St. Mary’s Cathedral. I was really excited at that point to see the WYD tent still up, since I wanted souvenirs. It was really chaotic inside, kind of like a flea market. Time was winding down, Fr. Stefano needed to catch his flight, but we were hoping to have some crepes to end the day. We were looking for a crepes shop but instead came across a little mall called the Strand. We had hot chocolate and apple crumble. That was my highlight of the day actually -- sitting around with Fr. Stefano and Mary Rose, talking about and reflecting on the past week and WYD.
Q: What conclusion did you all come to about your experience?
Mr. Valenti: We started out on a journey to Australia for work. It was such a go-go experience, that we never got a moment to really see Sydney. Only because of missing our flight that we got two days to enjoy the city. I also realized that I felt closer to the people around the table. There’s a reason why God not only gave us an opportunity to see more of Sydney and more of each other. I feel now that I really can leave Australia in peace!
Q: So you are happy to have been here in Australia then?
Mr. Valenti: Yes, it’s been a wonderful experience of World Youth Day, working with my team, making friendships stronger, experiencing a different culture. But I am ready to go back to Toronto.
Q: All the best then, Mr. Valenti. Thank you for being with us for this two-part series "Left Behind". We don't intend to make this series longer than two parts, so please, have a safe trip!

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