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A guitar from Mother Mary | Everyday Miracles

Wilson Tamayo

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash
Back when I was in university, like most students, I had no money.
I wanted to learn to play guitar — for prayer groups, for praise and worship, to glorify God. But, of course, a guitar costs 70-80 dollars. And I didn’t have a way to buy it at the time.
So I began to pray the rosary and asked the Virgin Mary, “Mother Mary, please help me to save enough money to buy a simple guitar so I may sing to you and to the Lord.”
That week I went to Mass.
Right after communion, a man approached me and said, “Young man, I’m going to wait for you outside.”
I immediately felt very worried!
I stepped out, and the man, Don Joachim (who did know me) said, “Wilson, how are you? Tell me, would you like to learn to play guitar?”
I said, totally stunned, “Yes!”
“And do you have a guitar?”
“And would you like me to gift you one?”
I said to him, “Don Joachim, who told you I wanted to play guitar?!”
“You’re not going to believe me,” he replied. “I was in Mass, in the middle of communion, and the Virgin Mary placed in my heart to go and give you my guitar. I’m currently buying a new one, and I want to give you my old one — it's a Spanish guitar. It’s a gift from the Virgin Mary, so don’t tell me no!”
When I received the guitar, I looked towards heaven and thought, “It works! The rosary works! For things so secondary, so simple, it works!”
Now I’m asking for the Virgin Mary to grant me a BMW!
Just kidding. But if in those things so small, like a guitar, the Virgin Mary shows that she intercedes for me, of course she cares for the important things, like when I ask her to make me more like Jesus!

Wilson Tamayo is a computer engineer, theologian, author, and social media influencer based in Medellin, Colombia. He is also a member of the Catholic lay movement Lazos de Amor Mariano, as well as a husband and father to three wonderful kids.

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