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Saturday, August 13, 2011

At a recent press conference, Antonio Gallo, Director of Social Networks for WYD, presented various web-based initiatives that have been underway over the past two years. In fact, the presence of the Church on social networks has been strengthened by the interest shown by Benedict XVI himself. Gallo remarked that "a Pope who ‘Tweets’ relates better to social networking."
WYD is now followed by over 400,000 on Internet; on Facebook, by over 300,000 followers; on Twitter by over 15,000; Tuenti, with about 20,000; and YouTube, where its videos have been played over a million times already.
Gallo stressed that this is a “friendly and open channel [of communication]. On these networks, the person who sends the message is equally as important as the one who receives it.”
Today, over 80 volunteers from 20 countries are working in 21 different languages. The WYD Organization never sleeps: "While we’re going to bed in Spain, others are waking up in China," said Gallo.
Two initiatives related to followers of WYD on social networks will take place during World Youth Day. iCat will be the meeting point where "all the people with whom we have interacted for the past two years will meet each other in person." This will be a meeting for exchanging experiences and examining how to live the faith using new mass media.
Likewise, coverage of the main events for World Youth Day will be offered from the so-called “Bus 2.0”, where 60 volunteers will offer live tweeting of the different events and their run-ups, to keep everyone up to date, making this World Youth Day a veritable WYD 2.0.

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