64 Days with the Ark - Episode 2 tonight!

Kris Dmytrenko

Friday, April 25, 2008

We've been thrilled with the positive response to 64 Days with the Ark, Salt + Light Television's new series that follows a 1000 km walking pilgrimage from Midland, Ontario to Quebec City. As I type, a hardy group of portageurs continues carrying the Ark of the New Covenant (a symbolic religious artifact) onwards to the 49th International Eucharistic Congress.
If you watched the debut episode which repeated last week, you witnessed how pilgrimage leader Jerry Grzadka was sidelined with pneumonia, resultant from a bizarre April blizzard in Beaverton, Ontario. In Episode 2, debuting tonight, Sarah McDonald is thrust from her comfortable Quebec City office into Jerry's position. All of a sudden, the young Augustinian Sisters postulant must navigate a pilgrimage whose growing numbers would clash the safety concerns of the Ontario Provincial Police escorts.
Watch 64 Days with the Ark tonight at 8pm ET. The series repeats on Saturdays at 12:30pm, Sundays at 6:00pm and Tuesdays at 5:30pm (all times ET). Catch up by watching Episode 1, now streaming online here.

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